5 effective summer care information for your kid

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Since the heat is intensifying increasingly, in nearly all parts of the state, guardians should get ready to handle the summer woes such as temperature, skin allergies, mosquitoes etc. Here are 5 of the most regular summer grievances and some healthy tips and, possible techniques of handling them:

Skin and body care:

Although we may dislike preventing our kid from receiving his complete share of open-air activities, playing outside, after sunrise, may bring him to a multitude of skin and health problems, the most frequent being temperature induced irritation and suntan. Have a discussion with your physician for a helpful sunscreen and a soothing talcum powder (kids as young as 3 can begin applying zinc-based sunblocks to guard their texture from suntans). On a regular basis, an effortless home therapy to preserve skin healthiness includes, squeezing partially a lemon in a container of bathing water. In addition, you can look at planting and applying aloe-vera cream as a respite from suntan for your kid.


This one does not require much of your grey matter! In summer, opt for clean cotton, linen and mal-mal material for garments—the thought being that the material should take in air and let the sweat vanish from the skin. Whereas in the daytime, a kid can be dressed in shorts and sleeveless clothing, in evenings, preferably cover legs and arms to guard your kid from mosquito and bug bites.


The general faith says drink 8 glasses of water each day but professionals state that this must not be prepared into a compulsion. A youngster should sip plenty of water, but do not compel the kid for 8 glasses. As a substitute concentrate on providing the kid with sufficient fluids which comprise clean coconut water, nimbu paani, freshly-squeezed juice, a thin soup, thin lassi and daal etc. Aerified drinks and cavein drinks could be averted as they work like diuretics and can affect the kidneys severely through recurrent urination, resulting in loss of water.


Eat clean and eat light. With the temperature soaring high, food tends to go more rapidly than you note, so evade feeding the little bellies foodstuff that has been set aside for more than 4-5 hours. Eat fruits immediately you cut than storing them (including king-size fruits such as watermelons). Kids can become really choosy about foodstuff when they feel hot, so pay attention to their food likings and put effort around them to make foodstuff appetizing plus fit such as a home-made pizza using wholewheat base, fresh vegetables and a home-cooked tomato puree.

Health problems:

Summer months also signify recurrent incidents of digestive disorders and mosquito bite-related diseases. Give your kid, as a minimum one serving of a stomach-friendly foodstuff such as dahi in a day. Notice any turbulence in motions—in the occurrence, colour, smell etc. A home-medicine for filtering water stored in pots is adding a few tulsi leaves to the water daily—a general therapeutic herb, tulsi is well-known to reduce bacteria increase in water. For the mosquito annoyance, apply a normal citronella-based mosquito repellent cream/spray. With a baby/tot, on whom you are hesitant about applying a repellent openly, apply sufficient quantities of it on the garments of the kid concentrating on the collar, sleeves cuff, hair, pajamas (particularly close to the ankles), and on the pram, stroller, cot railings and headboard and the cover textile.