Best 5 authentic Kashmiri dishes

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Kashmir is not only confined to supercilious mountains and pictorial appearances; it is also about beautiful and warm community, impressive ancient style and not to miss-, excellent food! There’s a lot in Kashmir that is a luxury for all your senses, but the food is something unparallel. Kashmir is a food lover’s paradise and has a lot to present regardless of your tang. There are plenty of sweets to taste and numerous piquant appetizing cuisines that will make your tongue tickle. There are numerous Inns in Kashmir that have internal restaurants that present luscious dependable Kashmiri fare.  Here goes the catalog of best 5 must-have Kashmiri dishes that you should savor.

Dum Aloo

Kashmiri cuisine isn’t just only about the meat and fish! It has a lot to offer to the vegetarians as well. Dum Aloo or Dum Olav is one of the favourite dishes in Kashmir and the vegetarians just worship it! Prepared with potatoes, yoghurt, ginger powder and other spices, Dum Aloo can be consumed with some hot rotis or naan.

Rogan Josh

Regardless of where in India you belong to, once you inform someone you’re touring Kashmir for a vacation they’ll advise you to have some exquisite Rogan Josh. A compulsion for meat admirers, particularly for those who are in love with lamb, Rogan Josh is an aromatic lamb preparation that is crammed with caramelised onions, yoghurt and spices. This sizzling dish goes great with naan or some hot rice.


Prepared with unique tea leaves and adorned with sliced almonds, cinnamon and saffron, Kahwah is a Kashmiri tea that will tranquil all your senses. This exclusive herbal tea may take a while to please you, but when it does, you won’t be able to have your fill of it. A big refreshing drink if you’re exhausted surveying the city!


Not anything can be more real that some yoghurt-soaked Yakhni in Kashmir. This cuisine is a genuine Kashmiri! Cooked with cardamoms, onions, mint leaves, and yoghurt, this lamb preparation is divine if had with hot rice.


Yet another treat for the spot on- vegetarians, Chaaman is a well-liked dish in Kashmir, particularly during main and happy occasions like birthdays and weddings. It is prepared by first making paneer and then frying it and assimilating it in turmeric gravy.

Tour Kashmir this vacation and register to one of the marvellous Lodges in Kashmir for a grand outing. Don’t overlook to flavour these best 5 Kashmiri cuisines.