3 most excellent Tech Apps for trouble-free Train journey


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Although there are innumerable tour apps that have made touring simpler and so much more exciting, it’s the transport-based tour apps that have made journey straightforward. Voyage in India, particularly by railways, can be rather tiresome job, one that majority try to evade. But things have altered, and how! Not only is journey by rail easy at present, but it is also a lot more pleasant. What with the plenty of train journey apps accessible online, our smartphones have turned into voyage portals and tours have become smooth! Try out these 3 finest apps for simple train journey and take care that your tours are made trouble-free and enjoyable.


First floated considering Indian railways and their line-ups, m-marker presents a broad series of other useful services, also. Set afloat in 2010, m-Indicator has appeared rather as a small piece of support for Mumbaikars. Now, it also has characteristics like women’s security, auto rates, cab rates, emergency numbers, etc, also local train, metro and mono rail schedules.

Ticket Jugaad-

Railway commuters have, at one time or another, confronted the problem of no tickets or unverified tickets. Ticket Jugaad aids you to ascertain this problem by assuring best possible treatment of vacant seats. This app applies a method that assists customers with exchange of tickets in the same train by finding vacant routes in the trip.

Travel Khana

When touring in long-distance trains, food becomes a problem. The provisions obtainable in the railway cellars are hardly suitable for eating and it’s not actually feasible to jump out of the train during stops to take some food. TravelKhana is an app that allows you to order foodstuff directly from your seats and get it shipped right to you. Just choose the foodstuff you desire to eat on the app, register your PNR integer or train particulars and you will shortly be the receiver of clean and tasty food!

Aren’t these apps just brilliant?  Do you have any idea about any other related Tech apps which has made your train journey hassle-free? Feel free to share with us.