Fashion Blunders Men Make!


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Call it a typecast or pure gender cataloging but the majority men aren’t into style as they are into cricket. Some maybe a little more curious than the others but nearly all just want to wear a shirt with jeans and get away with it in the name of styling every single time. And luckily for them, their clothing choices are narrow. This should actually make it obvious for them to look good and evade fashion howler but that does not seem to be incidental with men in India. Look about and you’ll see many men making one fashion debacle after another rather frequently. Yes, you sir who’s reading this post, you too!

The crisis crops up from the reality that men don’t take a vigorous concern in clothes and looking their best. And that there isn’t adequate matter to guide them throughout! So here goes the catalog of the most regular fashion aberration that men make. This will hopefully allow them to dress cleverly and look better. Are you all set, men?

Insert-in t-shirts

If t-shirts were to be squeezed in, they’d be shirts. The lone time you should insert in your t-shirts should be never. Except of course if you’re wearing polo t-shirts- these should be worn perfectly with linen trousers and inserted with just those.

T-shirts with trousers

Again, it’s the erroneous grouping. T-shirts are for informal wearing and trousers for formals. If you want to wear something distant from jeans then what about chinos?

Shirts ducked-out

It’s a question which still remains unanswered why men love inserting in their t-shirts but don’t have such care for their shirts?

Shirts are always to be inserted in excepting for if the event is an informal one. And for those dealings, there are shorter length shirts. But your standard length shirts are better worn tucked in.

Leather shoes with Jeans

Men wearing their black leather shoes with jeans are a familiar view. They’re doing it at parties, malls and restaurants. All this devoid of apprehending that there are other kinds of shoes distant from the leather ceremonial ones! Those shoes are only to be worn when you’re wearing official clothes. Only then!

Body-hugging clothes

Yes, you go to the gym and yes, you want to show off your body. But there are further, cleverer ways of doing that distant from wearing really tight-fitted t-shirts. They look very gauche and we’re confident they’re really painful to wear mainly during summers. If you want to boast your body, soothingly fitted attire can also assist you with that.

Rolled Jeans

If the length of your jeans isn’t correct for you, have them cut or corrected. Do not fold them up at the ankles. That’s only for the chinos.

So, next time in order to look your best for the occasions follow these healthy tips.

Remember a good dressing sense adds to your personality.