Unfamiliar specifics about Eiffel Tower


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MakemyTrip rediscovers the beauty and unknown stories that Eiffel Tower has stored within it. MakemyTrip re-introduces Eiffel Tower in a new way. It says, there are more to the Eiffel Tower than just being one of the ‘Wonders of the World’.

Aha! The Eiffel Tower- the exemplary pictogram of everything love, beauty, affection and even signals and radio. As this classic beauty celebrates her 126th birthday this year, here are some cabalistic details about the Eiffel Tower


  • It was intended to be transitory-

Yes, the Eiffel Tower was originally intended to be a momentary coronation for the 1889 World Fair held at Paris to honor 100 years of French Revolution. It was eventually never taken down because of an antenna installed at the top of the Tower to carry out wireless signals. The Eiffel Tower is still used today to boom the radio and TV telecasts around the world.

  • Gustave Eiffel did not make the layout of the Eiffel Tower-

Regardless of its name, the Eiffel Tower was actually conceptualized by Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, the two leading engineers in Gustave Eiffel’s Company. He did however, put in the most of his savings and later bought the Patent right.

  • Citizens of Paris in reality detested it initially-

When Eiffel Tower was built, many distinguished phrenics of that time (including French Author Guy de Maupassant) demonstrated strongly against it’ referring it “a massive black vent” that would destroy the exquisiteness of Paris.

  • Hitler planned the knocking down of tower-

In 1944, when Hitler was about to be defeated to the Allied forces and lose Paris, he instructed the entire city to be annihilated including the Tower. Fortunately! His order was ultimately not obeyed by the military governor in charge.

  •  Someone really wedded the Eiffel Tower-

Contrary to the popular views, Mrs Eiffel is not the wife of the late engineer who built the Tower. In fact, it’s an American named Erika Aya or Erika Eiffel as she prefers to be addressed, actually married the Tower in a ceremony held in 2007. She was actually suffering from a mental condition called Paraphilia, where people develop noteworthy obsession with inert stuffs.

  • It is against the law to capture Eiffel Tower in Frames during night-

The Tower illumines each hour in night and glitter in what is called Illumination Show. However, you could be fined for capturing this in your camera lenses, and sharing it on Facebook, since the government claims that this light show is a’ work of art’ and therefore copyrighted.

  • The repainting of Eiffel Tower is only done by hands-

Ever since its creation the Tower has been repainted 18 times and gone from red- brown to yellow and presently bronze. Only conventional methods are adapted while repainting the Tower. Only paint brush and paints are used, and mechanical coloring is a strict no-no.

  • There is an ice pit within the Tower-

Inaugurated only in the previous year, the winter ice pit/rink is operational during the peak winter from December to February, and is built 200 feet off the land, contributing to the eye-catching glimpse of Paris.

  • It is the most frequented paid tourist draw of the world-

The Eiffel Tower manages about 6.9 million guests each year, making it the most navigated, paid testimonial of the world.

If this does not excite you enough, to explore this magnificent creation nothing can. Don’t wait for anyone. Explore the Eiffel Tower in your own way.