When young daughters become defiant?


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Firstcry, understands what parenting a teenage girl means. Especially for the mothers. It is therefore, advising the mothers not to be impatient with their little ones. Firstcry, explains as to why the teenage daughters behave the way they do.

Cheekiness, eye-rolling, discourteous huffs and puffs – if you are a mother to an adolescent daughter, these are very common practices you are dealing with. You suddenly become a stranger, and your little one hates doing what you instruct or advice her to do.

Impertinence can be very annoying and it leaves the mothers skeptical if they were ever that awful when they were in their teens. If you now ask your mothers, you probably will get YES as an answer. There are many clarifications as to why girls can become unruly in their young adulthood. Hormonal changes can play chaos on their sensation; they might suddenly be in a hurry to prove them to the whole world- where they would no longer be taking dictates from elders, especially their mothers. They may even do this to seek attention from others.

According to the psychologists, a time comes in every young child’s life where the body and emotions are primarily controlled by the hormonal changes happening inside. The children therefore become confused and do not know how to behave and react. And the child during this phase considers herself to be grown up. So, the doctors believe that the teenage children should be treated like young adults, with lots of love and patience. She should be motivated by the mother, to share all her feelings with her. Mothers should start behaving like friends in this stage.

Building that special bond between mothers and daughters becomes even more important now.