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Before I start elaborating, one simple question is what exactly do we mean by online recharge? In simple words, it is a service that brings a smile on the face of many people.Previously, bills- be it mobile, internet, electricity, telephone, and T.V, were paid physically by a person, standing in long queue, waiting for his turn to pay.

Now, with the advent of a more advanced technology and its allied software, a new concept named online recharge is gradually gaining popularity and importance among the masses.

First question is why not following the conventional way of paying bills? Or to put it this way, why go for online recharge?

FIRSTLY, because it is convenient. It can be made anytime anywhere.

SECONDLY, it is time saving. It can be done sitting at home and office even. There is absolutely no need to hamper work and pay necessary bills.

THIRDLY, various companies provide various offers and bonus if it is done through their website.

FOURTHLY, there is no scope of sham in case of online payment mode. This is because of the fact that there is no individual sitting at the system and processing the payment requests 24/7. It is an all and all computer operated process, but there would certainly be some manual support too to assist the failed transaction.


Types of online recharge:

Online recharge facilities are now a days applicable to various field. Be it Mobile, T.V., Internet, Landline, Electricity, Gas connection and even to, Underground water connection. Various Banks have now introduced payment of credit cards online. Truly, it can be said to be blessing for all.

bill1Mobile Recharge:

Mobile recharge can be categorized into two types- These are Prepaid and Postpaid. Further more, there are various message cards which can be recharged online.


Digital T.V. Recharge:bill

With TV becoming digitalized, the cable wire has become obsolete. It has now been replaced by set top box. Various online recharge portals have now widened their horizon and have started introducing various online T.V. recharge benefits for viewers.

Telephone Bills Payment:

Online recharge system is doing wonders even in the telecommunication industry. We can now pay our telephone bills online.

Internet/ Broadband/ WI-FI/ Dongle Recharge:

The various internet modems like broadband, WI-FI, and Data Dongle can now be recharged online.

Electricity/ Underground water Bill Payment:

This facility of bill payment online extends to Electricity Bill and even to Underground water Bill.

This has once again proved that how technology can do wanders to our lives.

With Online Recharge or Bill Payment gradually becoming prominent, India has seen a mushroom growth of various online recharge websites. gives its customers a well researched list of top Online Recharge Websites.

  • Airtel: It is one of India’s top telecommunication services company. It is one of the largest contributor of mobile telephony, and second largest donor of fixed telephony in India. It is a supplier of broadband and subscription television services.
  • Paytm: It is India’s largest mobile commerce dais. Paytm initially started with only mobile recharge facility and utility bill payments. Today it offers a full agora to consumers on its mobile apps. The world is increasingly itinerant: people want admittance from wherever they are, and whenever they need. Paytm has given its customers the option of recharging and shopping anywhere with a protected online wallet called Paytm Cash.
  • Freecharge: It is a business establishment with a motto to convey more for a smaller amount for Indian customer. It does not merely make recharge suitable but also gratifying by way of discounts. One recharge done in this portal, returns as discounts for its users.

Rechargeitnow: It is India’s premier recharge and bill payment portal that provides quick and easy online pre-paid recharge and mobile bill payment solution to ultimate users.