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Technically, food is any substance which gives nutritional backup to the body of a living organism. Be it amoeba, or any other microscopic organism or even larger animals like human beings and plants-all need food for survival. The only difference being that plants can make their own food, while animals have to depend on them or other fellow animals.

The main sources of food are plants and animals. Food contains different nutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Historically, food was obtained by hunting and cultivation. Now, with the increase in the population, food is supplied by the food industry. Which includes producers(cultivators), whole sellers, retailers and finally the consumers.

During the prehistoric days, man used to hunt and consume raw food. But with the discovery of fire, he gradually learn to roast the food. With the advancement of civilization and invention of tools and techniques, man started to cook his food.

During modern times, with the advancement of techniques, tools and knowledge, and with the wide spread of civilization all over the world, men have developed their tastes and preferences with regard to the food they consume. Thus the word “Cuisine” came into existence.

Cuisine literary means, specific set of cooking traditions using spices and ingredients peculiar to that particular region. This can also be said to be cooking technique or preparation. The different types of Cuisines are Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, to name a few.

With the advent of different types of World Cuisine different kinds of restaurants serving these cuisines have gained prominence keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the different people or to put it short, their prospective customers.


What exactly is a restaurant? Commercially, it’s a place where food and drinks and other services are given to the customers in exchange of money paid either before the food or drinks are served or even after meal and drinks.

Restaurants range from being inexpensive or low cost and informal to being expensive, formal establishments serving best cuisines of India and World.

The idea behind the invention and establishment of a Restaurant Business is to give relaxation and respite to the customers on one hand, and do business on the other.

The different Take Away outlets that have come into being also come under the purview of the Broad Word called “Restaurant”. gives all the foodies a detailed list of all the Restaurants in town:-



  • Dominos– This restaurant and popular take away joint originated in US. Now it has become a brand name all over the World. The dishes served have become hugely popular among all masses.


  • Foodpanda– gives you the detailed information about all the restaurants in the city, through the food guide named as Foodpanda. Which is a mobile food delivery market place headquartered in Germany. The service allows its users to select from local restaurants and place orders through mobile application and as well as through the website. The company has collaborated with over 58000 restaurants.


  • McDonald– One of the most popular food and burger chain in the world originated in US. It is operated either by a franchisee, affiliate or the Corporation itself. It serves 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35000 outlets.