A great opportunity for all!


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A time has come where you do not have to think twice before you shop, or wait for the beginning of a month. Yelj. com gives you an opportunity where you can shop with leading brands using Coupons without having to think about your pockets. In other words you can shop, but it is our guarantee that you wont drop.On the contrary, the more you shop the more you save.

Now no more crouching pockets.

Here comes a consumer friendly online platform where you can get coupons of almost all brands/stores and then avail discounts using the Coupon codes given.
Yelj.com not only thinks about your pockets but it also thinks about your time.

With the passage of time coupons are slowly gaining importance and momentum. In the last 5-6 years coupons have gained a lot of popularity among masses.

Survey shows, people starting right from 20-70 years all want to avail coupons. After all every one want to shop smart and save time.

It is a misconception that only middle class people need coupons or they avail them. Coupons are equally popular among the rich and affluent. After all, who does not want to save the money hard-earned. The more you save, the more secure your future becomes.

In Yelj. com coupons of all categories are well organized. It is available whole year .

Yelj. com is spreading its wings everywhere. For it sky is the limit. It totally believes in total customer satisfaction. We are not here to do only business and earn our profits. Our objective is to look into our valuable customer’s need. We do not want our clients to spend their entire time in looking into various deals suiting their preference and pockets. We have categorized all the coupons of different stores under various sections, so that our customers crack all their deals under one roof. .

The deals under Yelj.com are not only limited to online shopping, you can also collect coupons and visit the stores of your choice.

So don’t just think. Execute your actions without giving a second thought.

Fold all your thoughts and put it inside an old cupboard . Just come to us and help us to help you.

Now, no more being upset seeing your friend’s or neighbors latest washing machine , or refrigerator or an LED. Even you can be the proud owner in a much lesser price, only if you want to.

Just imagine the pain you get when you hear that your friend has taken his family out for dinner during month end. Yelj.com wants to relieve your pain. It wants you too to take your family out for dinner during month-end. So please give us an opportunity to make your life more enjoyable.